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November 8, 2011

We meet various people in our life and we have different varying opinions over people we encounter in our life.Though these man-kinds may have transient journey with us or we get to work along for a remarkable period of time.There is always this impression made by these humanbeings in some way or other.Similarly, yesterday i met a person who i felt was mysterious and cryptic in alot of sense.I don’t know what exactly rushed into my brain when i first see him.It was not like a gut sense of hostility or alienation but there was many things inside him unread and untold.Right when i saw his face,a part of me felt him as whole of a facade.He was carrying this face just for a sake of confiding some other part of him because he is scared to show his actual face as he has this mentality if he vacillate from his part of job then he will lose the confidence of people.He has to maintain the level which is crucial and also  professional.He is, i believe an epitome of a true soul because he is doing what his soul drives him to do.He reveres his whim and make choices under his best interest.I feel he has no regret over his demeanours,he is hopeful about his present and the future.In my entire life i have never seen such a person with so much potential and belief,I cannot make further predicition on his appearance and  attitude.He has always stood upon me as a unsolving  and disentangling knot which i am trying my best to undo with my best effort.I know i don’t even stand near his fartherst expectation and horizons but i am not going to stay idle.I will also show my true colors in the hour of need.I can shine and i will also see the underlying bright side which was covered by this dark side for so long.


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